Tips and Advice for Low-Carb Diets

Reread the Rules

The Atkins diet has been modified over the years and they no longer advocate the original ‘eat all the fat you want’ stance. Instead, they now suggest followers ‘eat moderate amounts of good fats’.

Keep Good Stuff

Keep the fruits and vegetables, permit yourself a serving or two of a whole grain bread or pasta, focus on high quality proteins and good fats, get calcium from low fat dairy products such as yogurt and your body will respond with a slow, steady and healthy weight loss.

Add these to your grocery list:
- Whole wheat or whole grain or rye bread
- Oats and high fiber bran cereals
- Brown rice and whole wheat pasta
- Lean meat like turkey breast, chicken, ham
- Fish, including oily fish like sardines, mackeral and salmon
- Lean breakfast strips or Canadian Style bacon
- Eggs
- Avocados
- Nuts, include walnuts, Brazils, pecans and almonds
- Seeds, include pumpkin, sesame and sunflower

Ditch the Junk

Refined carbohydrates are off-limits. They come from a range of foods - not just from the obvious bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, chips, ice cream and candy. They include most breakfast cereals, canned foods, frozen entrees and prepared sauces, nearly all of which have a relatively high carb content. Examples include:

- Fat-free foods like mayonnaise, salad dressings, cream cheese, etc.
- Sauces or salsa where sugar is one of the main ingredients
- Jams, jellies or syrups
- Highly processed or sugar-coated cereals
- Pancakes, bagels, muffins or waffles
- White bread, rolls or processed crackers or crispbreads
- White rice and pasta
- Chips, pretzels, popcorn
- Regular Sodas
- Alcohol

More Information

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